International Students

Coming to study at Polytech Sorbonne

Polytech Sorbonne welcomes international students both in the context of exchange programmes and individually.


Students who are interested in following the full engineering curriculum at Polytech Sorbonne should refer to the different admission channels. A study program of at least two academic years in the school is compulsory.


In the context of an exchange programme

You are a student of a Sorbonne Université partner university or of Polytech Sorbonne and you are applying for a semester or a year of study at Polytech Sorbonne.


Deadline to send back your application:
April 30th for the autumn semester.
October 15th for the spring semester.


All the courses are available for exchange students, except courses of the two departments with apprentice status (Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Industrial Computer Science). If necessary exchange students can also chose courses from the other faculties of Sorbonne Université even if it is not recommended due to possible timetable conflicts. We strongly recommend that all the courses shall be chosen in the same year of study of the same department. Your home university has to agree with the subject combinations in order to sign the learning Agreement. Please pay attention that some changes may occur after your arrival at Paris.

You will find the list of available courses on the page for each school's departments. The courses are mainly taught in French. A minimum B1 level of French is required (according to the Common European Framework of Reference Languages). Students in an exchange programme can get free French courses provided by the Sorbonne Université French department. These courses are held in the evening. More information about the French courses.

Polytech Sorbonne does not issue diplomas under the exchange programme. At the end of the semester or school year, you will be issued a transcript of records so that your university can validate obtained credits.

Welcoming exchange programme students: In the downloadable documents, you will find the welcome guide for exchange students which contains all the information you need on registering, the organisation of courses, accommodation, visa requirements, etc. This document is available in French and English.

In September 2015, Polytech welcomed students from Argentina and Mexico through the Fitec programmes:


6 engineering courses available to foreign student